That's why RAW Paints' products are good for environment and health!

Zero TIO2

The formula of RAW Paints has been renewed! In our products we have an alternative to titanium dioxide, the white pigment in paint that provides the coverage.

From October 2021, all paint products in Europe will have to label their white paint with a warning label for titanium dioxide. Earlier this year, the European Commission ruled in a regulation that exposure to titanium dioxide could be so harmful to health that these products should be labelled with the warning: ‘can cause cancer.



COT test report:
COT roof paint report

Our summers get warmer every year. As a result, black roofs warm up and hold heat for a longer time overnight. This has consequences for the indoor climate as well as so-called urban heat – as soon as the sun goes down, roofs can emit their heat, keeping the surrounding area warm for a long time.

Air conditioners that suck air on the roof should work less a white roof to cool the sucked air. To give an idea: an air conditioning uses 3 times as much energy as heating. So you can save a lot of energy with this.

Painting black roofs white is the answer! Our paint is absobed by the bitumen making it resistant to puddles.
It also extends the life of the bitumen; black roofs heat up to at least 80 degrees Celsius; a white roof heats up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Solar panels and a white roof go well together. A white roof reflects the sunlight, significantly increasing the efficiency of the solar panels



Raw Paints’ formula was tested by TNO/TUV Rheinland in September 2016.


UV resistance



Raw Paints products have the property of suturing well on moist surfaces. RAW Paints paints, making peeling not possible.

The competition can guarantee application on a surface up to 6% of humidity in the stone for use on exterior facades, RAW Paints with RWP100 gives a guarantee of up to 10% and with RWP028 up to 15%.

Many people are unaware of the (high) humidity level in the stone of their home. The painter can perform this measurement, so that it becomes clear which paints can be used best.



ZERO VOC means that RAW paints’ paint powder is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
VOC include a multitude of rapidly evaporating organic solvents, which can harm the environment and cause serious health problems. You can think of OPS (painter’s disease) and SBS (Sick building syndrome).
VOC-Free is certainly not the same as solvent free. Volatile organic compounds are part of all solvents that can be in a product. But VOC are the most harmful rapidly evaporating solvents for the environment and the health of the people who work with the product. There are also solvents that evaporate slower, called semi-VOC.
In some products, solvents that fall under the VOC definitions are wholly or partially replaced by solvents that do not fall under it. That’s fine for the health of the one who does the paints job. However, you have to realise that slower evaporating solvents will also evaporate at a given time. With slower evaporative solvents, possible risks are therefore moved from the painter to the house owner.
VOC-Poor or VOC-free paints are a major step forward for the painter, inhabitant and the environment. But products like RAW Paints where no solvents are added at all, is even better for a cleaner and healthier world!


RAW Paints contributes in a variety of ways to a cleaner and more sustainable environment:

  • Due to its excellent adhesion, painting with RAW Paints products for a longer period without maintenance
  • The products are solvent-free, which means that no emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) take place indoors (read: a healthy interior)
  • No unnecessary water is transported in paint; RAW Paints products are supplied in powder form. You only add water at the time of painting


With the choice of the Brainy Pack, developed by Kleiner AG, RAW Paints has taken a disruptive innovative step in the paint industry. What is so innovative?

  1. Paint in the form of powder sales (lower transport costs)
  2. Moving away from the traditional can/tin/jar: Paint powder packing in a bag (better stackable)

The combination of the RAW Paints packaging and paint powder has delivered us a beautiful and important price in the sustainability category at the NL Packaging Awards 2018.

The Brainypack offers the following benefits:

  • Less raw materials
  • Less energy and water used to fabricate
  • Increases transport efficiency
  • Lowering CO2 emissions
  • Complete emptying of the bag
  • Easy handling and does not dripping
  • Lowers waste disposal costs
  • UN Chemical Clearance