The Cleanest Paint in the World

RAW Paints is a new revolutionary paint: durable, breathable and with opaque adhesion on damp surfaces. Discover it for yourself!
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Why RAW Paints paint powder?

What makes RAW Paints paint powder so special?

VOC free*

NO solvents

RAW Paints’ products contain no  pesticides, solvents and preservatives

*Free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Excellent adhesion

on damp surfaces

Where the competition guarantees up to 6% humidity in the façade to be painted, RAW Paints goes up to 15%

Paint light

Paint GREEN!

A paint can contains 60% water. With RAW Paints you only use paint powder.
At home you make your paint.
Your contribution to a cleaner and sustainable environment!

Very easy

to use

Add water, mix and paint. The same preparation time as normal paint.