June 2021

RAW Paints participates in the UN Global Compact

The only way forward and secure our children’s future is to embrace the SDGs, align them with your strategy, but most importantly, customize your core products to meet the principles.

It is a world language that can be understood by everyone.

With our products, RAW Paints B.V. shows that water can be used as much more efficiently if you only add it when you really want to paint.

By leaving water from the production process, transport and shelf life in shops and homes, we contribute to SDG3, SDG6, SDG9, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13, SDG14, SDG15.

SDG17 comes into place to empower companies with the same ambition, desire or need; simply work together for the common purpose.

RAW Paints B.V., the new paint stand, welcomes you for the ultimate paint experience.

Watch the video here with Willemijn Wortelboer, owner of RAW Paints B.V. Learn how RAW Paints aligns with the Global Goals and ten principles and how they benefit from participating in the United Nations Global Compact network.

June 2021

RAW Paints is on its way to Expo 2020 Dubai

This container makes water in the desert!

Beautiful Dutch innovation!

Honored to be part of SunGlacier’s mission, by painting the container with raw paints B.V.’s new paint stand, on the way to Expo 2020 Dubai.

The SunGlacier – water from the air – device for the World Expo Dubai

Read more here: SunGlacier

April 2021

RAW Paints is part of the Innovation Expo

At the Innovation Expo – Parade Christiaan van den Berg chose his favorite innovation: RAW Paints B.V.!

He admitted (and I support him) that it was hard to choose, all the innovations were great! And sure enough, we are ready to contribute to the renovation of the ‘Binnenhof’!

As this event is supportedby:

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

– Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

– Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

– Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

There is no turning back to continue to support the old economy industries.

These innovations have proven to meet the targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

The assignment for the new cabinet is crystal clear: support the initiatives you have started by organizing this exhibition and become a launching customer!

Read more here: Innovation Expo – Innovation Parade

April 2021

RAW Paints is included in the bidbook for Paris 2024

Ready for the Paris 2024 Olympics!

RAW Paints B.V. is included in the bidbook for OS Paris 2024.

We are ready to contribute to the most sustainable Olympic Games:

– Color athletes’ bedrooms and relaxation areas with paint that contains no VOC, no pesticides and no titanium dioxide to help them perform optimally.

But just asimportant:

– Protect buildings with our durable outdoorpaint.

– Reduce heat stress in the city by painting bitumen roofs white, for all residents of Paris before and after the Olympic Games!

Read more here: RVO Bidbook OS 2024

March 2021

RAW Paints contributes to Nationale Nederlanden Workspace

Powdered wall paint that must be mixed on site with tap water, after which painting can begin.

Paint producer RAW Paints has been working on this for several years.

Nationale Nederlanden has the interior walls of two of its office buildings in The Hague and Rotterdam painted with this circular paint.

Read more here: SchildersVak

March 2021

RAW Paints signs the City Deal Impact Entrepreneurship

Together with 80 other parties, RAW Paints signs the City Deal Impact Entrepreneurship.

By joining forces, we accelerate the road to a sustainable and healthy business climate for future generations!

Make an impact together!

Read more here: Impact Entrepreneurship

January 2021

RAW Paints participates in the CASsummit2021

Climate adaptation is also about thinking about the things that seem so logical but are not, about changing systems and business models to pursue a mission:

Empowering the leaders for change, embracing partnerships for a common goal: to provide a safe and fair future for future generations.

In our industry: transporting water in a bucket of paint from A to B does not make sense.

Paint powder has many advantages at product level but also at application level:

Our paint also offers a solution to reduce heat stress in (large) cities, on roofs, pavement and walls. We promote green and blue roofs, but if construction can’t support it, we’ll come in!

Watch this short video for more information!

January 2021

RAW Paints is a partner with Cirkelstad & C-Creators

In order to create the widest possible support base, RAW Paints joins:

C-Creators aims to accelerate and scale up the transition to the circular economy. Within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (MRA), we act as an independent organisation to promote the transition to a circular economy. The MRA region has the scale to serve as an example in terms of growth towards a circular economy, creating export opportunities.
Partner page

Cirkelstad originated between public and private entrepreneurs who were looking for solutions. How do we get residual flows back into the chain? How do we get all the talents in the district used? Two important issues that we as a society will have to answer. By working together in an open dialogue, new views, new solutions were created.

Partner page

December 2020

RAW Paints participates in the Paris 2024 Trade Mission

Grateful to be part of the virtual Trade Mission with Sigrid Kaag to Paris, to make the Olympic Games in 2024 the most sustainable!

RAW Paints B.V. wants to use the paint stand to ensure that all athletes in the living, sleeping and resting room in the Olympic Village with zero VOC, zero pesticides have to deal with in order to perform optimally.
We will ensure that the paint gives existing buildings a second life and protects new buildings for a lifetime, including for the next users after the games.

We look forward to supporting the athletes, the people and the city of Paris to achieve this goal. All stakeholders are involved.

This can only work if we work together. Watch the video to see who else is there!

Read more here: Paris 2024

December 2020

Socially Responsible Launch with RAW Paints

RAW Paints shares knowledge and experience at the MVI congress 2020:
Interactive session with entrepreneurs, start-up and government experts on the importance of the role of the government as a launching customer between Mark Beumer (Het Groene Brein, Versnellingshuis), two sustainable entrepreneurs from the network of the Acceleration House Netherlands Circular and Sustainable Tuesday, Malenthe (BESE) and Willemijn (RAW Paints), Rinske van Noortwijk (GreenWish) and Duncan Waardenburg (Startup in Residence) in which launching customership is the main topic.
The speakers share their own experiences and wishes, in which the role of the government as a launching customer becomes clear, and is also disconnected from MVI. The participating participants are actively included in the conversation by polls and questions they can ask in the chat.

This workshop focuses on directors, policy staff, sustainability coordinators and strategic buyers in all levels of knowledge.

Read more here: MVI congress 2020

September 2020

RAW Paints is with its paint powders the winner of the ING Circular Entrepreneurship Prize 2020!

Willemijn received the ING Circular Entrepreneurship Prize 2020 from Maurits Groen and Meike Proost (ING), for which she is very grateful.

However, raised with the saying ‘you can’t look a given horse in the mouth’ she handed over/passed on this prize to Stientje van Veldhoven (Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management) with the task of conveying a clear message to the Cabinet to be the launching customer.
The companies that submitted their submissions are sustainable. They don’t do it sustainably, but they are. It’s their right to exist.
They stick their heads above ground level to be heard, seen while ‘the rest’ poke their heads in the sand when it comes down to it.
RAW Paints lacks the courage of those who shout the loudest for sustainable solutions, to give us, the entrepreneurs who are mission-driven and see the next generation as stake and shareholders, to give a heart and actually choose these solutions.
The cheque that was handed as a prize serves for the cabinet as a symbolic means to actually take the step!

Read more here: Winner ING circular entrepreneurship prize

July 2020

Willemijn Wortelboer is nominated for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Business Green Leaders Awards 2020!
Results are expected on 14 or 15 October 2020.

Read about Business Green Leaders Award 2020 here

June 2020

RAW Paints Signs Green Recovery Statement

On behalf of CSR Netherlands, Maria van der Heijden presented the Green Recovery Statement to Minister Sigrid Kaag for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on 19 June 2020. With the statement, RAW Paints, together with the Dutch business community, advocates a sustainable recovery of the economy after the corona crisis.

Read the Green Recovery Business statement EN

May 2020

RAW Paints submits two patents

RAW Paints has developed a patent pending formula for white pigment to replace titanium dioxide in white paints for use of inner and outer wall paints, in just one formula. Why is this world news? In the global paint and coating industry, there is no alternative to titanium dioxide – all white paints must contain titanium dioxide. Industry has unsuccessfully opposed the process of the now published Regulation (18 February 2020) in the last 3 years (in several letters addressed to the European Commission) to classify powdered titanium dioxide as carcinogenic. RAW Paints claims with its innovation that an alternative is now available.

Read raw paints’ disruptive sustainable innovation here ‘will shock the global paint industry’

May 2020

RAW Paints B.V. is one of the 1000 solutions!

“Encouraging the acceptance of profitable solutions to protect the environment.
To address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, has launched the challenge of selecting 1,000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way and propose it to decision-makers to accelerate their implementation.”

So embrace the solution and join RAW Paints’ mission to support the paint industry and leave a better world for future generations.

Solar Impulse 1000+ solutions

March 2020

RAW Paints has received the Stimulans Award from the partners of the Duin & Kruidberg Convention, along with Great Bubble Barrier.

During this convention, with the theme ‘innovate or creper’ RAW Paints was allowed to talk about its company, innovation and mission: ‘Let innovation and collaboration be leading. Switch to a purpose driven rather than money driven economy, for the good of people, the planet and now also the economy.’

By working together with partners, who may still be competitors, we can make a difference.
The move towards this new economy has now become a more logical step, unfortunately because of the corona virus with nasty consequences for health and businesses.

The time is now!

Duin & Kruidberg Convention 2020

March 2020

United Nations Global Compact has officially admitted RAW Paints as a participant.
Guided by the ten universal principles and the 17 SDGs, RAW Paints is supported in corporate responsibility and follows the guidelines to turn sustainability commitments into action.

United Nations Global Compact participants


February 2020

RAW Paints introduces the paint solution for moist surfaces!

Publication in Innovatieve Materialen and ArchitectenPunt Bouwbrede Stijlgids.

March 2020

RAW Paints is proud to announce that it is the frontrunner in the MVO network. Follow other frontrunners who together choose a new economy:

Frontrunner Network CSR

February 2020

Find RAW Paints’ paint solutions for the future at Material District!

Material District is the world’s leading match-making platform in the field of innovative materials. The value of MaterialDistrict as a source of high-quality materials inspiration is clear: R&D and design professionals from all industries use our platform to discover new materials solutions.

Material District


January 2020

RAW Paints has visited the CHANGE NOW summit in Paris to continue its mission to get the paint industry moving.

There were special inspiring speakers to listen to and enlarge the network of RAW Paints.


January 2020

RAW Paints received a rosette at the 2020 Circular Awards.
RAW Paints is one of the ten most iconic circular projects in the Business category.

January 2020

RAW Paints visits World Economic Forum in Davos. There Willemijn participates in the session ‘Power of the Youth’ in which activists explain their drive for protesting.
To achieve the common goal, Willemijn asks them if they are willing to commit them as voices to an innovative company that develops products to for their and the next generation.

Link: RAW Paints in Davos at WEF2020

December 2019

RAW Paints has contributed in collaboration with RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) for the Campaign ‘Growth across Borders’. RVO supports female entrepreneurs in their mission for international business.

Link: Groei over grenzen (short video)

Link: Groei over grenzen (long video)

Link: Groei over grenzen (RVO website)


October 2019

Willemijn Wortelboer was nominated for VIVA400 in the business wonder category

It’s back: the VIVA400! The list of 400 women who excel in their field.

On December 12th it will happen: viva will present the VIVA400 awards for the twelfth time. VIVA400 is the platform and network of and for ambitious and enterprising women. They are a great inspiration to others by what they do, by the successes they have achieved and by what they (even more) want to achieve. As every year, 400 women have been nominated. Women who have been in the spotlight over the past year because they won a prize, had a unique idea, started a successful business of their own or achieved a special achievement. In short: successful women who matter and make a difference.

Link: vote here

July 2019

The Green Quest

As a regular part of the program, we get to know the latest addition to The Green Gallery. Raw Paints will be added to the Gallery this week. This company sells paint powder. Add water just before use, and the paint can be used. This not only saves a lot in the use of chemicals, but also means a much lower volume to transport. Together with 39 other companies, RAW Paints has a chance to win The green Quest Award.

Link: BNR radio fragment

June 2019

GES 2019

During the GES 2019 invitation together with the American Secretary of State Manisha Singh and the Dutch Minister Sigrid Kaag enjoyed a delicious lunch! Good conversations, inspiring Tafegenoten!

March 2019

Publication Financial Daily

In the section De Vonk, Willemijn talks about how the spark was turning to the paint industry

February 2019

Nomination Green Product Award

The International Green Product Award provides a platform for manufacturers who want to distinguish themselves by their products on innovation, sustainability and design and want to present themselves on the German market.

Link: Green Product Award 2019

January 2019

Nomination Sprout Start up of the year

Unexpectedly, RAW Paints received the announcement that they had been nominated for the Sprout start up of the year! We finally congratulate Shypple for achieving the honor!

Link: Sprout Start Up of the Year

December 2018

More environmentally friendly paints with powder

Why carry buckets of paint when you can also buy paint in powder form. Much easier to transport, less left-over paint and therefore much more environmentally friendly. Raw Paints developed it. This video was created in collaboration with the Accenture Innovation Awards.

Link: RTL Z visits RAW Paints


December 2018

Publication in the VT live #13 2018

RAW Paints’ colour recipe 2019:
House cocktail of soft yellow and old pink

Link: VT wonen #13 2018

December 2018

Renault Life visits sustainable entrepreneurs

Vincent Croiset visited RAW Paints at the office (www.bulbspaces.spaces) to learn more about our paint powder.

Link: Renault Life & RAW Paints

December 2018

From residential villa to dream villa

Bertram Terpstra of Designa visited our booth at the VT housing fair in the program from residential villa to dream villa (season 4 – episode 8 – from 3min30).

Link: Designa & RAW Paints


November 2018

Publication in the EISMA’s painting magazine

Extensive article about RAW Paints in the painter’s magazine Eisma’s.
‘RAW Paints offers painters alternative for canned paint or bucket’

Downloadlink: Schildersblad Eisma’s

June – November 2019

Nomination for Accenture Innovations Awards 2018

RAW Paints has received the first prize for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 in the category Climate. Of the 122 nominees, RAW Paints secured first place. The jury’s chairman words make us very proud:

” This innovation has the opportunity to make a big impact, because it has: 1) a differentiated product proposition, 2) a passionate leader, and 3) an out-of-the-box concept. Therefore, this winner has the responsibility to make it big, fast for the benefit of our planet and climate. “

– Jury chairman: Dimitri de Vreeze, Member of the Board at DSM

Link: Accenture Innovation Awards 2018

November 2018

On the final day also an interview with RTL Z

Raw Paints was allowed to tell the public about the sustainable paint powder and the unique combination of entrepreneurship and idealistic…

Link: RAW Paints op de Accenture Innovation Summit

October 2018

RAW Paints was on the VT Wonen fair 2018

What a success! So many enthusiastic reactions to our interior paint OMBREWALL at our stand! With the input raw paints received, the TOP 10 is composed … And the TOP 10 is now known! Click here for the results!

September 2018

RAW Paints gets RTL 7 to visit

The Green Project came to see RAW Paints for a company visit!

Link: RAW Paints & The Green Project

May – September 2018

Nomination for TOP100 SMEs Innovation

RAW Paints has been nominated for the TOP 100 innovative SME-ers of the Netherlands in 2018!

Link: RAW Paints in the TOP100 Innovation 2018!


April 2018

Publication in PACKAGING

Extra article on RAW Paints in PACKAGING.
A nice quote: ‘The jury speaks of a system change in a conservative industry’

Downloadlink: verpakkenNL


April 2018

Publication in Packaging Management

Extra article on RAW Paints in PACKAGING.
Plus a nice quote on the front page: ‘Bad luck was the start of this innovation’

Downloadlink: Verpakkingsmanagement

March 2018

Award for RAW Paints at NL Packaging Awards 2018!

Winner of the 1st Runner Up award in the Sustainability category
Link: Award voor RAW Paints!

January 2018

Nomination NL Packaging awards 2018

Nomination in the Sustainability category
Link: Nominatie RAW Paints

December 2017

VPRO – Green Tech Pioneers

Nomination to become Green Tech Pioneer and have a chance to win a broadcast on RAW Paints BV at VPRO Backlight.
Result: #27 of #93 entries