Frequently asked questions about RAW Paints’ products

Paint powder in a bag or bulk package?

RAW Paints’ paint powder is packaged in three ways:

  1. in the special RAW MIX in the sizes: 0.5 KG – 1 KG – 2 KG
  2. in a RAW CAN in the sizes: 5 KG – 10 KG
  3. in a RAW BAG: 15 KG – 25 KG
Can I add more water or PLUS than the recommended amount?

Adding more water or PLUS than recommended will affect the strength of the paint. We recommend using the amount of water as described for the first layer.
Check the proportions below. Changing the water/PLUS ratio: paint powder is for your own responsibility.

  • 0.5 KG RAW Paints paint powder with 0.5 liters of water or PLUS
  • 1 KG RAW Paints paint powder with 1 liter of water or PLUS
  • 2 KG RAW Paints paint powder with 2 liters of water or PLUS
Are the RAW Paints' products only for exterior walls?

RAW Paints has developed various products for various applications. Click here for the product overview.

What are the advantages of RAW Paints' products versus traditional paints?

The formula of the RAW paints’ products have many advantages:
1. VOC free paint
2. breathable paint
3. solvent-free paint

And compared to the competition:
4. excellent adhesion on humid surfaces!

How do I know if RAW Paints' products will stay on my wall?
It is important to know how humid the walls are. To find out, you will be able to measure the walls with a moisture meter.
Depending on the result you can take the following steps:
  1. if the moisture content is above 15%, you must use professional help to solve the moisture problem
  2. if the humidity is between 6 and 15% you can consider using professional help to solve the moisture problem
  3. with a humidity below 6% it is no problem to apply basement

    Points 2 and 3 are circumstances in which RAW Paints’ products could be applied.

Do I have to ventilate the room like eg the basement during painting?

Since RAW Paints’ products are developed on a mineral and water basis, without the addition of (chemical) preservatives / stabilizers, space is simply accessible during painting. But fresh air during painting is always nice!

How many layers should I apply?
With one layer of RAW Paints, the wall is often covered at once. We recommend applying two layers of RAW Paints’ products for the best result. Depending on the suction power of the wall and thus the elution with the subsoil, it may be that a third layer is necessary.
When can I apply the second layer?

For KELDERVERF: KELDERVERF is used in a mostly small space where ventilation is often scarce. That is why KELDERVERF needs a longer drying time. After 24 hours the next layer could be applied, depending on the percentage of moisture in the wall and the humidity in the room.

A drying time of 1 hour applies to OMBREWALL / RWP028 / RWP100. If a second layer is required, it can be applied after 12 hours.


Can I paint over existing paint?

RAW Paints’ products have been developed for painting on an untreated surface. If the underlayer is painted with a breathable mineral paint, it should not be a problem to paint over it. If the underlayer is a non-breathable (latex) paint layer, RAW Paints’ products can be used, but entirely for their own responsibility. The paint layer with RAW Paints’ products will remain on this layer; however, because the first layer has not been able to elude, and has created a filter, the first layer of paint and thus also the next (s) will fall off at high humidity.

How many m2 do I paint with RAW Paints' products?
Use the following ratio for the production of RAW Paints’ products *:
  • up to 2 m2: 0.5 KG 
  • up to 4 m2: 1 KG 
  • up to 8 m2: 2 KG

    * ratio are dependent on the suction effect of the substrate; an open structure will consume more paint per m2.


  • up to 5 m2: 0.5 KG
  • up to 10 m2: 1 KG
  • up to 20 m2: 2 KG
Can I clean my painting supplies with water?
The painting supplies with which RAW Paints’ prroducts are applied can be rinsed with water after use.
Are RAW Paints' products available in multiple colors?
All products are available in matte white
OMBREWALL is available in white in the webshop but will be available in various colors soon, ask for the color chart.
(if a specific color is desired, please contact us via the contact form)
How long can I keep the paint once mixed with water or PLUS?
RAW Paints’ products are fresh products and therefore their shelf life is limited. In a sealed bag no more than two hours can be kept. This is a two component product, namely paint powder with water. Store RAW Paints’ products (in powder form) in a cool, dark place.
If I am not satisfied, can I get my money back?
We find it important to know why you are not satisfied with RAW Paints’ products. Perhaps we can give you more advice or tips on the use of RAW Paints’ products. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will look for a solution! Click here for the terms and conditions that apply to our webshop.
Can I order RAW Paints' products online only?
RAW Paints’ products are currently only available online. Interested in selling RAW Paints’ products in your shop? or distribute RAW Paints’ products? Contact us!
What is absorbtion (election) of the paint into the surface?

The natural raw materials used in the RAW Paints’ products form the basis for the unique paint powder formula.

The principle of this formula is based on a verification of the mineral paint with the substrate. A solid, mineral and insoluble compound of the paint is created with the paint carrier (plaster, concrete, brick, natural stone and the like). The cross-section of a plaster layer shows this process of enrichment, also known as “election”.

Are RAW Paints' products only for stone walls?
RAW Paints has developed a paint powder especially for walls, stone surfaces, concrete etc. It is not suitable for application on wood, plastic, plastic, iron, metal etc.
I added too much water, what now?
If you have created a RAW Paints’ product with too much water, you can choose two options:
  1. You can leave the paint for a while, until it thickens.
  2. You can also add some paint powder to determine the correct thickness.
Are RAW Paints' products glossy or matte?
RAW Paints’ products are matt paint products.
Can I paint over RAW Paints' products with a different product?
You can paint the wall / façade with another product; however, take a breathable mineral based paint. If you opt for a latex product or something like this, be aware that this layer creates a filter and thus ‘stifles’ the wall. We advise you to use only RAW Paints’ products. For painting the basement wall with a color, we recommend using OMBREWALL after two layers of KELDERVERF.
Can I also have my cellar painted with RAW Paints' products?
You can certainly have the house (inside or outside) painted with RAW Paints’ products by an expert painter. In the meantime, several painters have already joined RAW Paints. Ask for the painter in your area via the contact form.
My cellar is under the mold, what should I do?
Before you start painting KELDERVERF in your cellar you have to take precautions if the following applies: Is there mold in the cellar? Does the cellar smell like fungi? First treat the walls with a product that removes fungi from the walls. Consult your nearest do-it-yourself store for this. Take especially photos of the cellar for specific and expert advice.
Is the basement immediately accessible after painting?
The space can be entered immediately after painting. RAW Paints’ products are breathable, odorless and consist of minerals. RAW Paints’ products do not contain any solvents, no preservatives, etc.
Can I also paint my floor with RAW Paints' products?
RAW Paints’ products are developed for facades or walls in basements, cellars and other damp rooms, not for floors.

RAW Paints’ TIPS

Before you start!
  • Check the underlay on which RAW Paints’ products are applied
  • If the underlayer is flexible, RAW Paints’ products are applied, it can cause cracking
  • Underlay must be completely dry before RAW Paints’ products are applied
  • Remove old paint residues, loose paint, dirt etc
  • Treat algae / moss / fungus with a biological cleaner and rinse with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Allow drying time before painting with RAW Paints’ products
  • Remove paint splashes immediately with water
Mix what you need!

RAW Paints’ products make it possible to paint whenever you want without worrying about the quality of the paint; you make what you need!
Remaining paint powder can be stored dry and clean

Fresh product

RAW Paints’ products are fresh products. Once created, it is stored for 1-2 hours.



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