RWP100 is always purchased in powder form in combination with water.

By mixing with water, you can easily make this strong mineral paint for normal substrates.

Surface to be painted depends on suction power of the substrate. We recommend putting two layers on.

For the first layer, keep 8m2 per KG; for the second layer, half less material is needed

Calculation example:

Area of the wall is 50 m2:
50 m2 x 1.5 = 75 m2

75m2 / 8 m2 = plm 9 KG

Too much material may be returned, if not created of course.

comes in two color lines:
PAINT COLORS 2019 – pay for 1 KG, get 1.5 KG
PAINT COLOURS 2020 – for sale per 1 KG and 4 KG

  1. Add the right amount of water to the paint powder in the bucket
  2. Mix with the drill mixer for 3 minutes
  3. Pour into a paint bowl
  4. Start painting!