That is why RAW Paints' products are the best for environment and health!


RAW Paints’ products have the property to adhere well to damp substrates. Where the competition can give guarantees on substrates up to 6% humidity in the stone for application on exterior facades, RAW Paints with RWP100 gives a guarantee up to 10% and with RWP028 to 15%.

RAW Paints’ products elude with the substrates, so there can not be any flaking.

Many people are not aware of the (high) humidity in the stone of their home. The painter can make this measurement, so that it becomes clear which paint can best be used.



VOC-free means free of volatile organic compounds.
What are VOC’s? VOC’s include a multitude of rapidly evaporating organic solvents that can damage the environment and cause serious health problems. Health problems such as OPS (painter’s disease) and SBS (sick building syndrome).

VOC’s are also seen as assassins; (long-term) exposure to VOC’s can lead to the above diseases. For painters a great danger during application but also for residents of houses where paint with VOC’s is used. VOC’s need time to evaporate. In some cases people talk about years before the VOC has completely evaporated!

The film below shows the comparison of VOC in two different products. The measurement was performed with a PID meter, supplied by BA Systems. The film shows that BASE PAINT exhibits a much lower value
(read: value far below 1 and therefore VOC free) when paint is painted in comparison with a competing product.



RAW Paints contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment in various ways:
  • Because of the excellent adhesion, painting with RAW Paints’ products will ensure a longer maintenance-free period
  • The products are solvent-free, meaning that no emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) take place indoors (read: a healthy interior)
  • No water is unnecessarily transported in paint; RAW Paints’ products are supplied in powder form. Water is only added at the time of painting


With the choice of packaging Brainy Pack, developed by Kleiner AG, a disruptive innovative step was taken in the paint industry:

First of all  selling paint as a powder, no addition of water (lower transport costs)
Moving away from the traditional can/pot: packing paint powder in a bag (better stackable)

The Brainypack offers the following benefits:

  • less raw materials
  • less energy and water used to manufacture
  • increases transport efficiency
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • complete emptying of the bag
  • easy to handle and does not drip
  • lowers waste disposal costs
  • UN chemical approval

The cleanest paint of the world


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