Getting the effect of OMBRE in your home!


Different paint technics

With paint you can give a lot more than a wall a color. There are different painting techniques, such as ton-sur-ton, template or structure technique, but also the technique of turning, also called OMBRE effect. With this technique you can easily make a very nice color gradient.


OMBREWALL is the product developed by RAW Paints with which you can easily create your OMBRE.


How do I paint OMBRE with OMBREWALL?

OMBREWALL consists of 12 bags each with different colors or shades. Each bag is numbered making it easy to start painting from 1 to 12 for your OMBRE effect.
Each bag consists of half a kilogram of powder and is made with half a liter of water. This amount is good for about 2 m2.

OMBREWALL step-by-step plan and tips

  1. Because OMBREWALL dries very quickly, you make 1 bag at a time; so not all bags at the same time!
  2. Stick light switches, lamps, skirting boards, door frames and other things that you can not remove from the wall with (masking) tape
  3. Go to work during the day; in daylight it is easy to see the color difference between the different parts of the wall.
  4. Divide your wall into 12 horizontal or vertical bands, mark them with masking tape or mark them in a different way. When using tape it is advisable to remove the painting tape between the already applied layer and the next layer for a more natural course (see also tip 6)
  5. Take OMBREWALL paint bag # 1, follow the instructions on the package and start with the first job (not too thin layer)
  6. Make OMBREWALL paint bag # 2 and then mix part of paint bag # 2 with your remnant of paint bag # 1 in your paint box and apply the next job. In this way you make an even more natural course
  7. Repeat this step by creating a new bag and adding it again until paint bag # 3 has been created and painted
  8. After the layer has been applied, remove the painting tape after painting before the paint has dried. This ensures that you get clean edges.

Your beautiful new wall is now ready to be admired!


Have you created your own OMBRE with OMBREWALL? Share your photos with us! Tag us on the links below.






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